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Pink Poodle Party

Little girls & poodles seem to go hand in hand. Why not use this as your next birthday party for your sweet little girl?


Pink & black set the stage for this theme. Using pastel pink with a few touches of black are the perfect place to start. If your child has any toy poodles, put them out as well.

A cute costume for younger girls can be found on Family Fun’s website. This adorable costume uses pink shirt, pants & socks as well as a few pink bath puffs. Plus, there’s no sewing for those of us who aren’t great with a sewing machine! Click on the photo to get directions.

Party food:

  • Purchase a dog bone cookie cutter & cut ham & cheese or turkey & cheese sandwiches.
  • Poodle shaped sugar cookies are a great treat to send home with your little pups.
  • Purchase small dog dishes & fill with ice cream or small dog bone shaped graham crackers. Keebler makes Scooby Doo graham crackers).
  • Rice cereal treats shaped like dog bones are a great treat as well.
  • One of my favorite sites, Family Fun has a cute poodle cake.
  • Another alternative is the ever popular cupcake option. Add a cute topper & done!

Games & Activities:

  • Poodle coloring pages make a great introduction activity
  • Pin the tail on the Poodle
  • Create your own dog collars using ribbon, fabric paints,  flat back jewels, glitter, markers, pre-cut circles with a hole punched in the top & jump rings. Cut ribbons long enough to fit snug put not tightly around child’s neck with enough left over to tie in back. Using a hole puncher, punch a small hole in the center of the ribbon to attach jump ring & paper circle after children decorate. Add jewels & paints to ribbon if desired.

Invitations, thank you’s & other printable items: These adorable pink & black poodle Print-your-own party sets feature a pink toile background. This set is available in my Etsy shop or my site by clicking the  link or image below.


This set includes invitations, thank you cards, birthday banner, treat boxes, & many other items to print from home.


In addition to the dog collars, you may want to add some other poodle related items such as the ones available at Birthday in a box or Birthday Express. 


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